Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lots of Talent...But Too Much Free TIme

I'd much rather have made these in Home&Careers rather than a smiley face or stupid alligator whose head never stayed attached.



Monday, December 22, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Diggnation Fan Doing the Ostrich

Hey Guys,

I was watching Diggnation, and the picture e-mail chosen this week was of some guy at a conference, he's wearing a Diggnation shirt--but he's also inadvertently doing the Ostrich.

Picture 1.png

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Mark Prasad's New Summer Home

A-Fox being able to speak French much better than I, came up with a shortened and condensed parody of a fairly recent disney movie. Lets go Disney World Paris!!

Mark Prasad’s Nouveau Cannelure

C'était l'année 2027. Mark Prasad était le roi de la France. Cela que le roi a voulu le roi a obtenu. Il allait construire son maison d'été sur la région nouvellement achetée de la France, l’Île de l'Homme (Isle of Man). Il allait créer Prasadatopia. Tony Brown, président de l'Île de l'Homme, a rendu visite à son nouveau roi pour le persuader de ne pas créer le Prasadatopia sur Île de l'Homme mais il a été bani du château.
Le conseiller militaire de Mark, Lenny Ingersol, a voulu être roi. Il n'était pas gentil. Il donne son ami, Tanguy O'Hoolihan, une bouteille de poison pour détruire Mark mais il le transforme en autruche. Lenny Ingersol a envoyé l'autruche (Mark Prasad) à l’Île de l'Homme. Lenny est devenu le nouveau roi. Il est un mauvais roi. Il a punises citoyens.
Sur l'Île de l'Homme, Mark a trouvé Tony Brown et lui a demandé l'aide. Tony a indiqué qu'il aiderait Mark si Mark ne transformait pas l’Île de l'Homme en Prasadatopia. Ils sont allés au château. Tony Brown a combattu Lenny Ingersol tandis que Mark buvait la boisson magique de Lenny qui la tournent encore dans l'humain. Mark a jeté Tanguy hors de la fenêtre et a arrêté Lenny et Tony. Mark est devenu roi encore et Lenny et Tony sont allé au prison.


For those of you who suck at French, like me (let's have a Woot! Woot! for Spanish) here is an English translation.

Mark Prasad was the president of France. Through a series of corrupt governmental actions he turned france back into a kingship. Now whatever he wanted he got. He always got his way, he was going to build his summer home on the newly purchased part of France, the Isle of Man. Tony Brown, of the Isle of Man approached his new king to persuade him not to build his summer home of Prasadatopia on the Isle of Man but he was dismissed. Mark's military adviser, Lenny Ingersol, was always secretly after marks power. He gives his henchman, Tanguy O'Hoolihan, a vial that is supposed to kill him but instead turns him into a turtle. Looking to dispose of the turtle he nocks it out and ships him to the Isle of Man. Lenny Ingersol Claims rule and is a tyrant. A week into his rule he finds out that Mark is a turtle and still alive. He sends Tanguy after him. Meanwhile Mark found Tony Brown and asked him for help. He said he would help Mark if Mark didn't turn the Isle of Man into Prasadatopia. He agrees and they go back to the castle after weeks of travel. Tanguy warns Lenny of their plans. Tony Brown fights Lenny Ingersol while Mark drinks a potion to turn him back into a human. Mark throws Tanguy out the window and gets both Lenny and Tony arrested.

The End

$5 for the person, not affiliated with the blog who tells me what movie this is parodying.

Hoping thee be well,