Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The World's Most Ridiculous Sports Team Names

It used to be easy to name your sports team; just pick a dangerous animal and go. Unfortunately, there are way more sports teams in the world than there are cool animals, and the result is a lot of names that range from lame to laugh-out-loud retarded.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

God Save the King/Queen

Please see the lyrics to God Save the King/Queen, the national anthem of England. King and Queen are interchanged depending upon the gender of the ruling monarch. The fourth verse is often omitted because it isn't quite nice and the first verse is often the only one sung. We also have for your viewing pleasure, British fans singing at a football (soccer) match.

*God Save the Queen*

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen:
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the Queen.

O Lord, our God, arise,
Scatter thine enemies,
And make them fall:
Confound their politics,
Frustrate their knavish tricks,
On thee our hopes we fix:
God save us all.

Thy choicest gifts in store,
On her be pleased to pour;
Long may she reign:
May she defend our laws,
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice
God save the Queen.

Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
May by thy mighty aid,
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush and like a torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots to crush,
God save the Queen.

Very Truly Yours,

LEOPARD RELEASE; the wrap-up

So it it's two days since the release and I'm back at a familiar work station now running OS 10.5 Leopard. It is quite nice although there were some hang ups with the installation on a mac without an external drive. At the mall one of the employees had died his hair, you'll see why this is significant when you look at the picture. The whole group of employees was assembled as we entered the store and started cheering. As of December, all Ostrich Blog workstations will be converted. In less related news, I finally used my hat at a halloween party. It didn't pull from both cans evenly, and if you try to use only one can, liquid spills out the other tube. Soda fizzes and is hard to stop from flowing. Thanks to all of you for reading.

Very Truly Yours, Get a Mac

Friday, October 26, 2007

LEOPARD RELEASE; The Saga Continues

We're still here. We along with a group of friends came to the mall last Saturday and I (the one currently typing) bought a party had that allows the user to put beverage cans in the top and drink through it. Apparently other people had bought lasers from the very same store and were shining them around the mall. The security guard came up to us and told us we weren't allowed to use any such devices. We had a hard time convincing the him that we didn't have one. Well, we saw the very same guy who was doing crowd control for the release. I reminded him of the incident and told him that we didn't have any lasers. He apologized and said that he was just doing his job. The hat seen below is the same kind except mine is yellow. In recent news someone took a picture of us blogging. So for all of you ignorant PC users out there who don't know exactly what Leopard is, it is the new mac operating system OS 10.5. Imagine windows Vista, but for mac. It will be most certainly better than Vista, and guess what, there's only one version, and guess what it's $129.00. The family pack is only $200.00. Time to go, we'll update later
Very Truly Yours, ALL YOU PC USERS GET A MAC (x2).
F-Cat and A-Fox

THE LEOPARD RELEASE; Media From the Mall

Read the below post.....



Meanwhile in front of the store:


We are here at the Leopard release at the Apple Store Walt Whitman! There are approximately 1.5 hours left until the release at 6PM here on the east coast. The store would only allow ten people to stand in front of it because otherwise entrances to other stores would be blocked by the line. We've been moved to some sort of hallway of the main mall and we're somewhat out of site.
One woman was pissed because she couldn't get into the apple store because they closed it to install Leopard onto all of the computers. She asked why people needed to get it as soon as it came out. Her daughter said it was like Harry Potter and they walked away. Some idiots got taken off the line and escorted out of the hallway by a security guard. On their way out they were loudly chanting "Window, Windows, Window, Windows" as we (A-Fox and F-Cat) silently chanted "Idiots, Idiots, Idiots Idiots." We had a little blogging station set up on a garbage can that was holding the door open. The security guard recently replaced it with a proper door wedge. Please see the before and after pictures of the set up above. We will update you with any more recent happenings. We hold the position of 11 and 12 in line presently.

Very Truly Yours, and if you are a PC user GET A MAC!
F-Cat and A-Fox

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weird Punctuation

The interrobang is a combination of the exclamation point (!), and a question mark (?). Though it seems fake, it is an actual punctuation mark. A sentence ending with an interrobang either (1) asks a question in an excited manner, (2) expresses excitement or disbelief in the form of a question, or (3) asks a rhetorical question. A reverse and upside down interrobang (combining ¿ and ¡), suitable for starting phrases in Spanish, Asturian, and Galician, is called by some a gnaborretni.
Martin K. Speckter is the inventor of the interrobang (1962). The French equivalent is "point exclarrogatif."

The irony mark is a backward question mark. The irony mark (؟) (French: point d’ironie) is a punctuation mark that purports to indicate that a sentence should be understood at a second level. An irony mark may sometimes be referred to as an irony point, snark, or zing. Its usage is extremely rare. This mark was proposed by the French poet Alcanter de Brahm at the end of the 19th century. At the end of a sentence, put a backward exclamation point (؟) to indicate irony if it is to be known to the whole audience that the text is ironic.Irony is often intended to be misunderstood by a certain portion of its audience, either to enforce close attention or to create a boundary between those "in the know" and those who miss the point. Explicit use of an irony mark in such a circumstance would defeat the purpose of using "le point d'ironie."


May your mouth never be conquered by a band of marauding Vikings,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Those 'Dam' Fundings

They would do something, if they had enough funding (NQN).

Pip Pip,

Who's Hungry

Not all things in life are free, but if someone steals a base, appearantly tacos can be crossed off that list.


Friday, October 19, 2007


Ive heard the greatest real life application for a math problem. Its about parabolic and linear systems

A renegade dictator lauches a scud missle at a US troop installment. The troops launch a Patriot missle to intersect it. Due to satellite imaging. We see the world as a grid. The scud missle is stationed at (6,0). Its path can be represented by the parabola y=-X(X)+8X-12. The Patriot missle was lauched from the point (0,0). Its path can be represented by the line y=x. Graph the system of equations. Find the point(s) where the Patriot missle will intercept the scud missle.

I don't know about you readers, but that's the most creative math problem I've ever seen.

Very Truly Yours, Happy Ostriching,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tribute to The Ostrich Blog

We are counting down the top ten posts of The Ostrich Blog in celebration of our hundreth post.

10. Funky Violinist

9. Pray It Isn't You

8. Idiots Dancing to the Mario Theme Song (Band Alpha)

7. Thats Why He Doesn't Paint People

6. Patogura Suichi

5. Fat Clown With No Friends


4. Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

3. Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers

2. The Ostrich

Seeing as this is our first post, we should explain the title of this blog. This blog has NOTHING to do with the bird. The Ostrich is the name of a funky face. Below are the directions for making the face.


1. Close your mouth.
2. Drop your chin down as far as possible while still keeping your mouth closed.
3. Raise your eyebrows as high as you can.
4. If possible, flare your nostrils.
5. Extend your face/head as far forward as you can.


1. The Ostrich is fun to do on the highway or on the road and see the people's reactions.
2. Keep practicing (practice makes perfect).
3. Timing is everything
4. Slightly tilt your head to the right for added effect.


1. Know when people have had enough. Some dudes don't like it when you get all up in their grillz.
2. Keep your distance when Ostriching strangers.
3. Don't get too close to the ostrichee or you might get pushed or fall forward.
4. It's just a myth, but it is said that if you Ostrich too much your face might get stuck like that.

*Disclaimer: The publishers of this blog are not responsible for any ostrich related negative happenings. Ostrich at your own risk.

1. Who Wants to be a Millionare?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Au Champs Elysees


Je m' baladais sur l' avenue
Le coeur ouvert à l' inconnu
J' avais envie de dire bonjour
A n' importe qui
N' importe qui et ce fut toi
Je t' ai dit n' importe quoi
Il suffisait de te parler
Pour t' apprivoiser
Aux Champs-Elysées
Aux Champs-Elysées
Au soleil, sous la pluie
A midi ou à minuit
Il y a tout c' que vous voulez
Aux Champs-Elysées
Tu m' as dit : "Jai rendez-vous
dans un sous-sol avec des fous
qui vivent la guitare à la main
du soir au matin"
Alors je t' ai accompagnée
On a chanté, on a dansé
Et l' on a même pas pensé
A s' embrasser
Aux Champs-Elysées
Aux Champs-Elysées
Au soleil sous la pluie
A midi ou à minuit
Il y a tout c' que vous voulez
Aux Champs-Elysées,
Aux Champs-Elysées
Aux Champs-Elysées
Au soleil sous la pluie
A midi ou à minuit
Il y a tout c' que vous voulez
Aux Champs-Elysées,
Aux Champs-Elysées
Aux Champs-Elysées
Au soleil sous la pluie
A midi ou à minuit
Il y a tout c' que vous voulez
Aux Champs-Elysées,


I trotted on the avenue my heart opened to the unknowns
I wanted to say hello to no matter whom
No matter whom, it could be you, I'd said anything to you
It was enough to speak to you, just to calm down.

You said to me "I was pinned in a basement with fools
Who live guitar-in-hand from dusk till dawn"
Then I accompanied you, one sang, one danced
Any one who did not even think of embracing oneself

Yesterday evening two unknowns and this morning on the avenue
Two in love all dazed by the long night
And to the Star of Concord, form an orchestra with thousand cords
All the birds at day-break singing for the love

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Ostrich Blog Shoppe

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Chinese Food Prank Call

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fung Wah Prank Call-Part 2-Ticket to NY

My friend and I prank called the Fung Wah bus office in Boston. This time around is much better because we had prepared questions. Subtitles are also provided for your viewing convenience. My words are in green and his are in blue. As ever, my voice has been distorted.

Friday, October 5, 2007

UPEK Eikon fingerprint reader now supports OS X

The UPEK Eikon fingerprint reader now supports OS X and all browsers supported by keychain. This would mean no more dealing with a single password.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

AIM/text acronyms

Never use an acronym unless you are sure of its meaning, because if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person.....
Try not to use chat acronyms in real life, especially in formal writing or conversation. Doing this could be embarrassing depending on who you're communicating with.

Chat Acronym Dictionary
121: one to one
ADN: any day now
ADR/addy: address
AFAIK: as far as I know
AFK: away from keyboard
A/S/L: age, sex, location (or just "ASL")
ASAP: as soon as possible
B4: before
B4N: bye for now
BBFD: big bad forum discussion
BBL: be back later
BF: boyfriend or best friend
BFF: best friends forever
BFN: bye for now
BG: big grin
BRB: be right back
BRT: be right there
BTA: but then again
BTW: by the way
C: see?
CID: crying in disgrace
CNP: continued [in my] next post
CP: chat post
CU: see you
CUL: see you later
CYA: see you (later)
CYO: see you online
DBAU: doing business as usual
DD, DH, DS, DW: dear daughter, dear husband, dear son, dear wife (often used on boards where you discuss personal things, but wish to keep private the names of your loved ones)
EIP: editing in progress
FTW: for the win or f*** the world
FUD: fear, uncertainty, and doubt
FWIW: for what it's worth
FYI: for your information
G2G or GTG: got to go
G: grin
GA: go ahead
GAL: get a life
GF: girlfriend
GFN: gone for now
GFY: go f*** yourself/good for you*
GG: gotta go/good game
GJ: good job
GL: good luck
GMBO: giggling my butt off*
GMTA: great minds think alike
GSOH: good sense of humor
GTFO: get the f*** out
GTG or G2G: got to go or get together
GYPO: get your pants off
H2G: have to go
HAGN: have a good night
HDOP: help delete online predators
HHIS: hanging head in shame
Homg: same as OMG
IAC: in any case
IANAL: I am not a lawyer (but)
IAWTC: I agree with this comment
IC: I see
IDC:I don't care
IDK: I don't know
IFSFWI: if the shoe fits, wear it!
IIRC: If I recall correctly
ILU: I love you
ILY: I love you
IMNECTHO: in my not-even-close-to-humble opinion*
IMNSHO: in my not so humble opinion
IMO: in my opinion; or "IMHO" - in my humble/honest opinion
IOW: in other words
IPN: I’m posting naked
IRL: in real life
IWSN: I want sex now
JC: just chilling
K: all right
KFY: kiss for you
KTHX: Okay, thanks.
JK: just kidding
JSUK: just so you know
KPC: keeping parents clueless
L8R: later
LAFFO: laughing out loud
LBR: loser beyond repair*
LD: later, dude
LDR: long distance relationship
LLTA: lots and lots of thunderous applause
LMIRL: let's meet in real life
LMAO: laughing my *** off
LMSO: laughing my socks off
LMFAO: laughing my f*** a** off
LOL: laughing out loud, lots of love
LQTS: laughing quietly to self
LTP: learn to play (L2P)
LTR: longterm relationship
LULAB: love you like a brother
LULAS: love you like a sister
MML: making me laugh
MMORPG: massively multiplayer online role playing game
MOOS: member(s) of the opposite sex
MOSS/MOTSS: member(s) of the same sex
M/F: male or female
N1: nice one
NALOPKT: not a lot of people know that
NE1: anyone
NFI: no f****** idea
NFW: no f****** way
NIFOC: naked in front of computer
NO1: no one
NSFW: not safe for work
NP: no Problem
NVM: nevermind
NM: not much, nothing much, never mind
OIC: ohh I see
OMG: oh my God, oh my goodness, oh my gosh
OMGBBQWTF: oh my God, Bar-b-q, What The F*** (surprise and confusion)*
OMFG: Oh my f*****g God
OLL: oh, Lordy, Lordy!*
OLL: online love
OMW: on my way
OTOH: on the other hand
OTW: on the way
P911: parent alert
PAL: parents are listening
PAW: parents are watching
PIR: parent in room
POS: parent over shoulder / Piece of S***
PLZ: please
PlzKThx: Please. ok? Thanks. (Thanks in advance)
PlzKThxNo-Re: Please, ok, Thanks, No-Read (sarcasm)
PL0x or PLOX: same as please
Pwn: to triumph (not actually an acronym, but rather a misspelling of own)
PDA: public display [of] affection
QFT: quoted for truth
RBA: right back at you (right back atcha)
RL: real life
RTFM: read the f*****g manual
RTFO: rock the f***** out
ROFL: rolling on floor laughing
ROTFLOL: rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROFLMAO: rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
ROFLMAOSCOMN: rolling on the floor laughing my a** off spitting/spewing Coke out my nose*
RPG: role playing games
RP: roleplay
SA: something awful
SGXK: set a good example for the kiddies
SHID: slaps head in disgust
SLAP: sounds like a plan
SLGF: secondlife girlfriend
SO: significant other
SOMY: sick of me yet?
SorG: straight or gay
SOT: short of time
SUF: shut up fool
STFU: shut the **** up
STHU: shut the h*** up
TDTM: talk dirty to me
THX: thanks
TMI: too much information
TTFN: ta-ta for now
TTYL: talk to you later
TTLY: totally
TY: thank you
U: you (common); how are you?; or you do it!
UW: you’re welcome
WAYT: what are you thinking?
WB: welcome back/ write back
WDYT: what do you think
WFM: works for me
WIBNI: wouldn't it be nice if
WIP: work in progress
WTGP: want to go private?
WTG: way to go
WTF: what the ****, alternatively Where's The Food
WUIP: wind up in progress
WYCM: will you call me?
WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get
Y: why do you ask?
YM: young man
YMMV: your mileage may vary
YTMND: you're the man now, dog
YW: you're welcome
ZOMG: same as OMG
omG: Oh my GUY
CTM: certainly*
CBMY: too bad*
NQN: NOT QUITE NICE (all caps was used on purpose)*
LQTM: laughing quietly to myself
HRNSQ: Harlanesque (of or relating to Harlan)*
NHH: one who is Harlanesque*
WIT: What is this

*author favorites
**The authors apologize if any reader is offended by the meanings of any acronyms seen above.