Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We at the Ostrich Blog have been conducting a survey of some patrons at various apple store. We, F-Cat and A-Fox, make it a point to go to Apple stores where ever we go. We add our screen names onto the buddy lists at these stores. Due to an unexpected stroke of luck, F-Cat stumbled upon a list of all the apple stores, their locations, square footage, and most importantly for us, their store numbers. The screen names for the apple stores are formed in with the following formula:
ars###.***, with the #'s representing the apple store ID, and the *'s representing the computer numbers. With this information we were able to guess screen names for apple stores we had never been to such as Rome and Ontario. The following are responses for the favorite farm animals of the people we polled. They are ordered from least responses to most.

GOAT & CHICKEN - tied for one response each.

This response for goat came in from the apple store at 104 West 14th street in the meatpacking district of NYC.

This response for chicken came from the Apple store at 49&5th it NYC right next to Columbus Circle and FAO Schwartz

PIG-2 Responses

This response came from the apple store in the Walt Whitman mall on Long Island, next to the house where famed poet Walt Whitman was born.

This response came from the Apple store in the RomaEast mall in Rome, Italy; the only apple store in Italy.

HORSES-we have 2 responses for horses.

This response came from the West 14th street Apple Store.

This response came from the 5th Ave apple Store.

COW was the winner with 3 responses.

The following 2 responses came from the W14 street.

This response came from the Walt Whitman Apple Store.

The following chats are quite comical, but did not yield any responses.

This chat came from the Apple Store in Ontario, Canada.

This chat came from the 5th Ave Apple store.

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