Friday, October 26, 2007


We are here at the Leopard release at the Apple Store Walt Whitman! There are approximately 1.5 hours left until the release at 6PM here on the east coast. The store would only allow ten people to stand in front of it because otherwise entrances to other stores would be blocked by the line. We've been moved to some sort of hallway of the main mall and we're somewhat out of site.
One woman was pissed because she couldn't get into the apple store because they closed it to install Leopard onto all of the computers. She asked why people needed to get it as soon as it came out. Her daughter said it was like Harry Potter and they walked away. Some idiots got taken off the line and escorted out of the hallway by a security guard. On their way out they were loudly chanting "Window, Windows, Window, Windows" as we (A-Fox and F-Cat) silently chanted "Idiots, Idiots, Idiots Idiots." We had a little blogging station set up on a garbage can that was holding the door open. The security guard recently replaced it with a proper door wedge. Please see the before and after pictures of the set up above. We will update you with any more recent happenings. We hold the position of 11 and 12 in line presently.

Very Truly Yours, and if you are a PC user GET A MAC!
F-Cat and A-Fox

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