Monday, February 11, 2008

Sepak Takraw

Short History

Sepak takraw was almost definitely based on the Chinese game of cuju (a name which also means "kick ball"). The sport would have been brought in through early trade and had already become popular in Malaysia and Thailand by the early 1400s. Back then it was called takraw in Thai or sepak raga (literally "kick rattan ball", because the ball is made of rattan) in Malay and played mainly by men and boys standing in a circle, kicking the ball back and forth between them.

How To Play

-Flip a coin. The teams captains call it, and whoever calls correctly gets to choose to go first or choose the side they wish to be on.
-Start the set. The designated team serves first.
To serve, one player stands in the right semi-circle on their side of the court. He kicks the ball to the server, who stands in the circle on their side of the court. He kicks the ball up and over the net.
-Pass the ball to the other team using only your feet and head. Play continues until a team makes a fault, which is when the ball is not kicked before it hits the ground or the net stops it from going to the other side of the court. If a fault is made, the other team scores and serves. The set is over when a team scores 21 points. If the game is tied at 20 points, the set continues until 25 points are scored.
-Start the next set after the designated amounts of points are scored. The teams change sides of the court, and the team that lost the previous set serves. When a team wins two sets, a new regu is started.
-The second regu is played the same way. The first person to win two regus wins the game.

The Field

(Only a player's feet or head may touch the Sepak Takraw ball)



- A-Fox

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